How A Class Appliances Improved Business Efficiency Using eServicePro

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”

In this case study we will be discussing how A Class Appliances implemented eServicePro into their business model in order to overcome daily challenges in their company.


A Class Appliance Services Ltd is a residential appliance repair service in Calgary. For over 20 years they have been providing high-quality appliance repair services in Calgary and surrounding areas. Their mission is to serve residential and top rental property management clients, and ensure they provide them with reliable and knowledgeable services. They are experienced in the repair of all makes and models of appliances, from Panasonic, Samsung and Kenmore to Amana, Maytag and Bosch.


Their biggest challenge was adding multiple jobs to one single bulk invoice. Also, invoicing multiple jobs to an individual invoice for rental property management companies was a time-consuming process where they were losing 40% of their revenue.

Manual Workflow:

When a property management company calls and requests services for an appliance in one of their apartments, they would manually enter the details on paper. After completing the service request, they would enter the details of parts used, and write down labor charges on another paper. They spent all day on Saturday (every week!) preparing manual invoices for customers.

The challenges faced on a daily basis:

  • Forgetting the parts used on job sites because there was no efficient way to keep track
  • Delay in invoicing which led to receiving late payments
  • No tracking of parts and inventory in the truck or shop warehouse
  • Majority of customers refusing to take paper invoices and asking them to send PDF files
  • Too many documents to print out, physical files forgotten at home or the office
  • Working all weekend to prepare complex invoices for property management companies
  • Due to the age factor technicians were hesitant to adopt the technology of eServicePro

Solutions from eServicePro implemented on March 10th, 2020:

  • Front desk team creates work orders in just a few seconds, while managing the lives schedules of all their technicians in the field and assigning works orders more efficiently
  • Take pictures of complete jobs with the eServicePro app
  • Generate multiple jobs to a single invoice and send to customers
  • Get paid instantly through online payment link
  • All data is recorded in real time
  • Send the invoice log report within seconds to your accountant to file taxes and update books


Their entire process is now automated and streamlined. Repeat customers are pleased that the correct amount is charged every time they call a technician for service. They are able to spend the weekend with family rather than worrying about invoices and payments. Overall improvement of revenue and profits, as well as the capabilities to acquire more clients.

Helping grow our client’s businesses is our #1 priority and we love being able to watch processes become more efficient while eServicePro is being implemented. eServicePro is committed to serving our customers to the best of our ability and can customize our software where our customers see fit. If your business can relate to any of the aspects of this case study we strongly encourage you to reach out to us for more information. We offer free demos as well as a 14-day free trial.

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