After rigorous research and years of analysis to understand the business process of the service industry, the un-noticed areas that actually cause loss and further analysis of the known and hidden pain areas of this business encouraged us to build a software application that will be ever so convenient to use and profit from.

One of the most important areas of management in the service industry, to know what was there in stock? What was used? What is left? And what needs to be re-stocked? This enables the operations manager to efficiently schedule services and optimally use resources.

The Inventory management feature in eServicePro is designed to do exactly that. Keep track of what was there in stock? What was used? What is there in stock now? And what has to be re-stocked and by when. This entire data can be viewed on your mobile application at the push of a button. This actually makes it ever so convenient to check and register a job ticket on the fly.

Since, this feature also facilitates real time stock and tools inventory, you can actually schedule to re-stock all the necessary spares, equipment and tools so that the stock is always at full capacity facilitating the operations manager to confidently book or register job tickets on the fly and assign them accordingly.

This is one of the most painful areas in the service industry. That is to know exactly where a particular resource and the time. Because of lack of this information it becomes impossible to decide if to register a job ticket or not.

The tracking feature in eServicePro, you can track all the resources in the field real-time. The GPS navigation enabled in eServicePro will show exactly where the technician or the resource is and which ticket is the resource addressing at the moment.

This information will empower the operations manager to access if the particular job ticket is generating revenue for the company or not, the balance sheet status of the job sheet can be determined by knowing the cost to do honour the job ticket and the revenue generated from that job ticket.

Also, knowing the location of the resource will enable the operations manager to assign job tickets to resources form the neighbourhood of the resource’s location.

It becomes compulsory for you to know the map of the entire area like the back of your hand to efficiently dispatch resources. if not you will be dispatching multiple resources to the same geographic location only because the locations of the job ticket may be in the borders of two different areas but spatially in the same neighbourhood. The confusion would by just because the two areas have different names and generally areas are identified by a specific land mark which may not essentially be close to the location of the job ticket.

The GPS enabled eServicePro will show the exact location of the job tickets in real-time. With this information the dispatch process is not duplicated to the same neighbourhood. The entire dispatch process is streamlined, efficient and is at optimum productivity.

This is an area in the service industry that is considered as one of the most painful area. Creating quotation is an art in itself, because the customer will always explain the nature of malfunction or break-down of an appliance or the machinery in question. It is you who has to understand and take notes to create a quotation for a job ticket. Lot of scope for human error…

eServicePro has a feature designed for the purpose, all you need to do is listen understand and select for the options in the application. The entire process is made simple actually so simple that you can create a quotation and complete creating a job ticket in about five seconds.

Since it takes only this much time for creating this, the assigning and the dispatching process will in turn be more prompt and efficient. The entire process is again so streamlined that the number of job tickets registered and closed will increase and the revenue generated is profitable.

Usually, you may have to refer back to your notes of bill books or something to recall the job ticket registered by a particular client. This is definitely a waste of time. Or you may not remember the client and give a different quote to a returning customer for the same job done previously. This for the company will not be so good.

eServicePro has a feature for generating customer invoice which is not only easy but will also show the customer history with the company. This is definitely an added benefit because you will know what was charged earlier and what you should be charging now and why.

This feature in eServicePro is designed for selecting items to drag and drop to create a customer invoice which should again take approximately five seconds only. Which translates into not spending long minutes after service completion to generate an customer invoice or let the customer wait until the resource reports back to office and the customer invoice is generated and sent to the customer. With all this waiting out of the picture, everything is happening in the moment and closed. That is efficiency at its peak.

The OCR scan will enable the resource to take a picture of the machine or instrument and upload it to the application all using the phone. That will automatically get all the information of the make and model.

With this information generated on the fly in a matter of a few seconds, generating the customer invoice is really very quick. This will completely avoid the scope of human error and is real-time.

With this the necessary data is quickly available and the customer invoice is ready in a matter of seconds because of which the resource will not be at a location for more than what is necessary. This is efficient service rendered.

Many a times the online invoice creates a problem when the customer refuses to have accepted the quotation and the service, although, May happen once in a life time but still happens and you spend a lot of time for that.

To avoid this kind of misunderstandings eServicePro has the feature of getting the customer to sign the invoice on the phone as acceptance of the quote and service rendered, then and there so that everything happens in the moment and no delay at all for anything.

This will take us to the next most interesting feature.

From creating quotation to the customer signing the invoice the process is streamlined and smooth. So why leave the last step of the process out.

eServicePro has the feature where the customer signed invoice is sent to his mail, form where the customer can click on the link in the mail to pay for the service. This completes the entire process of efficiently, effortlessly and smoothly handling a job ticket including tracking of the resource and recorder time of the duration to complete the assigned job ticket.

Accumulating all the income from all the sources or number of customers and then funnelling it into a single account is so much labour and waste of time.

The eServicePro is loaded with a feature that integrates the payment gateway and this again is a seamless, effortless process. This feature also enables and empowers you to see analysis charts of financial performance for the week or month or the entire year.

As such the eServicePro has feature that allows you to draw these kinds of charts to check and ensure that the company is performing as expected and at the set standards.

Join us to make the name a “Brand”

eServicePro is designed and built to address the areas that hurt the most. Addressing these areas so that the service industry becomes one the best performing industry and for those people who take their business seriously.

eServicePro is also available for a trail period, rest assured, after the trail period you will fall in love with the convenience the software offers and the efficiency with which it works. Visit our Free Trial page to know more and book a free Trial.