Telecommunication Service Industry

As telecommunications have become an integral part of every business, the number of service requests you get every day may be overwhelming. However, as a business offering telecommunications service support, you need to have a reliable and robust system to handle all the requests and manage your workforce intelligently for growth and revenue generation. This is where eServicePro comes into play—it is an advanced, full-featured field staff management software designed to help telecommunications service providers like you. It helps you do everything from creating work orders, assigning projects, managing staff schedules, receiving payments, and streamlining the entire customer journey. With eServicePro at your service, you now manage and lead your business without being stressed out about service requests and field staff management.

You get a call from a customer requesting service support and you create a work order in a few seconds as per the client’s request.

Check your field staff and review their schedule to find the nearest technician on your roster. Assign the job to the technician.

Our software sends the new job intimation to the eServicePro mobile app used by the technician who uses the GPS option on the app to proceed to the job site.

The technician evaluates the project and works on the same. Replacement parts if needed are ordered from the supplier and the quote is shared with the client.

At the end of the project, the technician generates an invoice on the eServicePro mobile app and shares it with the client. The invoice gets saved on the system.

The customer provides a signature for the job completed and the technician can receive the payment at the location itself.

You can integrate our eServicePro with your company’s accounting system to streamline your accounting. The integration helps you track and manage all payments, projects, and expenses from all your field staff efficiently.