Telecommunication Repair

Telecommunication, this service industry is responsible for keeping the digital age on its toes, up and running all the time. Although, it is a simple, humble term, but an ocean in itself, the number of fields and the versatility of the application of the same term to categories all under one heading is a convenience.

The number of fields under this includes installation, repair and maintenance of Dish TV, Broad band, Fiber connections and many more. Giving a thought, the installation part, the repair and maintenance are all different. The technician doing the installation may not necessarily know the repairing, because in repairing first figuring out what went wrong is important and figuring that without wasting time, material or resources is equally important. Long story short every technician is a specialist in his own field and in their own right.

The reputation of the company is built on their efficiency of deploying the right expert for the right job. This credibility actually builds reputation and business. How?

In telecommunication service industry the requests are always urgent because of the nature of the industry. Disruption of any telecommunication service, even for a few minutes could cause heavy losses. In such a situation deploying the right expert with befitting skillset and experience will or is actually expected, hoping it will be fixed in a jiffy and Business As Usual is only a few seconds away. Wrong guy in the wrong place will actually create a disaster and complications of great magnitude.

It is in the nature of the industry, that it is mission critical to complete an installation and bring it up and running or complete a repair and have it up and running in a very short span of time.

Definitely you have a perfect process in place and is the reason you are still in the industry, the question is , is the process perfect and streamlined and are all the pain areas covered or do you feel something more needs to be done and you don’t know what?

eServicePro, the cloud-based SaaS, the software that is designed to cover the pain areas and enhance the efficiency of your process and further streamline it to your convenience.

The GPS feature in-built in the system enables you to track every expert technician in the field and the tracking is live and real-time. With this feature at your fingertips it is definitely convenient and effectively efficient to know the exact location of every expert technician and also which job ticket they are working on, along with the time duration it will take to complete the job ticket.

The other feature that enhances the efficiency of the process is the in-built memory to store all your job tickets with all the details.

This memory can be recalled for a similar job ticket. This will give you a clear idea of all the details like who was assigned the job ticket, the duration for which the job ticket was open, the remarks and everything. All you will have to do is Drag and Drop the necessary details to create a new job ticket and assign the job ticket to the right expert technician. And when the expert technician accepts the job ticket the in-built clock will start recording the time and when the job is complete and the customer signs the digital invoice, it marks the completion of the job.

eServicePro is indeed designed to cover all the pain areas, and it delivers the promise.

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