Water the source of life; you need it for almost everything and every day, at home, at office, while travelling or just relaxing. And long gone are those days when you had to go and fetch water or go out some place far from home to dispose dirty water.

Now with every home or office or any place, this connection to the source of life is a must and it is a statutory norm, a regulation now. Which means this, that is plumbing is an important service industry and logically there are quite a few players in the field and you are competing with all of them.

Evidently there will be a lot of paperwork involved, the design of the layout of the plumbing in a building, the category of the building that is residential of commercial, the marking of the repair area and so on. Definitely a lot of paperwork including the amount of paperwork starting from registering a job ticket to completing a job to getting paid for the job. Doing this amount of paperwork is one thing, filing them and maintaining them is at a very different level all together. And remembering exactly which paper is field and where it is kept, in case of a repeat job request is almost impossible.

Definitely there must be a process in place for all this paperwork, without which it would be impossible to sustain. The question is, is it efficient, if so how long does it take to complete all the paperwork and how many potential customers and repeat customers were lost because of this, who could have been potentially very happy customers otherwise.

What if all the paperwork is completely out of the picture and everything is digitally done, where the memory takes care of the filing part and all you have to do is recall the memory and you will have the all the necessary details for the repeat job ticket or a similar job request.

eServicePro, the cloud-based SaaS, is the software designed with all these features. Designed to minimize or eliminate all the paperwork totally. This will definitely increase the efficiency of handling the entire process to complete a job request starting from job request registering to getting paid after completing the job successfully.

eServicePro has an in-built memory system that will store all the job tickets, if there is a repeat job request from the same customer, entering the name of the customer will recall the previous job ticket and all the details are available instantly. Similarly if there is a similar job request, again it will recall the previous job ticket for the similar job all you will have to do is fill in the necessary details and the job ticket is ready and registered.

With the in-built GPS, you could easily track the exact location the technicians in the field and assign the job ticket to the right person just by dragging and dropping the job ticket. Once the technician accepts the job ticket, the in-built clock will start recording the time. You could easily track the duration of time the ticket was open and how long it actually took to complete the job. When the job is done and the customer signs the digital invoice, it marks the completion of the job.

Further the payment is linked to the payment gateway which will facilitate the customer to easily transfer your fees on-line to your account and you are paid.

TO view all the detail of a job, you could easily recall a particular job ticket for auditing and evaluate the efficiency of performance there by improving the efficiency of the process. All this at your convenience and anytime you want to do it.

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