Medical Equipment

Everyone including us is almost always running around all the time, so much that we don’t even have sufficient time for to think about ourselves and our well-being. Logically our health will be affected and will need medical attention. At that time the only thought is “if I make it to the hospital or clinic or the nearest emergency room I will be fine. In short, we do all the running around with the confidence that if something should happen to me, the hospital with its facilities will be there to take care of me and I will jump back to health and continue the running around. Which means, all the medical equipment, in all the hospitals, clinics and the emergency rooms play a very important role and maintaining them in a good working condition is a responsibility of the facility and also the responsibility of the medical equipment service industry.

There are so many emergency situations every day in every emergency room or every facility that has medical equipment and it these are used extensively. It is only logical that at one time they will break down. Repairing them and having them up and running become vital from the point of view of the dependency of the equipment in an effort to save life. It is of paramount importance to maintain and have them up and running all the time.

It is not just installation and repair, installation means the facility is upgrading, but repair means the medical equipment is not serviced and maintained as per norms. So installation and maintenance are the two important services which done or scheduled at strict regular intervals will not complicate to a repair situation. Even then the maintenance is also a very important service to do.

Then does the company doing this service well equipped, definitely yes, then the question is the process efficient and streamlined or do you struggle with the paperwork and other formalities like find the right technician to do the job of servicing the equipment on time.

Since these are very high precision and sensitive machines, the skill set required is also a specialization. Right guy for the right machine is the demand and it is necessary. When the technician is out in the field, how you locate him, how do you assign a job ticket to him. In an emergency situation time flies and you will not even know it until it is late.

eServicePro a cloud-based SaaS, the software designed for this. The features of this software empower you to create a job ticket, assign a job ticket and even locate the perfect technician in a matter of a few seconds.

eServicePro has an in-built memory that can store all your job tickets. If there is ticket for a repeat job request it will recall that previous job ticket, all you will have to do is fill in the necessary remaining information and register the ticket. Similarly if the new job request for a similar machine but from a different customer, still it will recall the previous job ticket and all you have to do again is fill in the blanks and register the job ticket.

It is made very easy to know the exact machine using eServicePro, all you will have to do is take a picture of the machine and the details of the machine like make and model and other specification are recalled from the memory bank of all the configurations of almost all the medical equipment. Then you only have to drag and drop the details to create the job ticket.

The GPS empowers you to locate all the technicians in the field very quickly, and the tracking is live and real-time. Once you have located the right technician for the job, again all you have to do is drag and drop to assign the job ticket.

Once the technician accepts the job ticket, the in-build clock will start to record the duration of time to complete the job and close the job ticket which is marked by the customer signing the digital invoice.

These are a few features explained here that will increase the efficiency of handling an emergency service request without any paperwork or delay in finding the right technician for the job.

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