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eServicePro-The cloud-Based SaaS, Field Management Software is for the Service Industries listed here. It may also be for other industries, if you think it is, Please do contact us for more details.

  • Appliance repair
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning)
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Handyman
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Telecommunication
  • Furnishing

Service companies start in an area start to make life as comfortable as possible by catering to the needs that may affect the people in general. For example: In Canada, the snowfall brings life to an almost stand-still, the snow shovelling and salting is a must to bring life back to normal. Hence the service companies are more concentrated in areas that are severely affected by snowfall.

Similarly, other service companies like the service company for Appliance repair or for HVAC, or for plumbing or for electrical repairs, you name a service company it is very much an essential for life to be comfortable. Although, you may hire the services of that service company once in a while, but it is essential.

Operations of a service company

In general, the service company specializes in one specific industry. They have a stock of equipment to install, spares for replace and repair or tools and equipment necessary for general or specific repair and service. For this they have a stock inventory which helps them run the show as smoothly.

Then there are trained and highly skilled technicians who are the face of the company to actually meet the customer to render the service requested for.

The show goes on, book a service, register a job ticket, assign the job ticket; services completed and then get paid. But, the reality is, it is not as simple as it may sound. There are pain areas that really and actually are stopping your business to reach the heights you as an owner had aspired for, the company’s name becoming a brand for the service in the industry.

Pain areas of the industry

If at all there was someone to tell me the pain areas, I would think of another business. These are the general thoughts when the pain areas actually cause pain. Some of the general pain areas of the industry are

  • Lack of visibility of personals in the field
  • Un-optimized dispatch process
  • Inventory management is ineffective
  • Creating a quote is time consuming
  • Generating customer invoice is a lengthy process
  • Human error while entering the product description or service request
  • Delayed payment … and many more.

Irrespective of the number of attempts and efforts, it is affecting somewhere. You take care of one pain area, and then there is one to take its place. So how much and how long will this process of fixing and finding a new one waiting will continue. When will the company’s name become a brand?

There is a solution for it

As depressed as it may sound, but then it is not all hopeless. There is a solution to fix all the pain areas. You can choose to fix them one after the other, or choose the efficient way to fix them all at once.

Really, we are not sure of the process of fixing them one after the other and how long will that take. But, what we are sure of is, the process of fixing it all at once and catch up the time lost. eServicePro, the SaaS software has all the necessary features to address the pain areas and optimise the operations of your company to a level of efficiency that your dream or aspiration of making the company’s name a brand in the industry will actually be visible in the near future.

Visit the ‘Features’ page to know in detail about the efficiency of the features, that makes eServicePro- The field Management Software of choice.

Customised solutions to specific pain area(s)

It is true that we are not island, we like it or not, accept it or not all of us directly or indirectly are affected by our surroundings. Similarly, every service company will or may have a pain area that is specific to the area of operations. For example: How will the service company removing snow work efficiently if they don’t know the forecast of snow. If they have a feature that will alert them of the expected snowfall, then there efficiency will definitely increase. Likewise, if your area of operation in an specific area where the local community observe specific practises and people from outside their community are not welcome during that time, if you have some kind of a calendar for that definitely the efficiency of your company will increase.

The long story short, if you are facing any such pain area(s), all you need to do is “let us know”. We will build a feature or customise an existing feature to suit the demands of your need. Remember there is always a solution for everything.

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