Industrial Equipment Repair Industry

As an industrial equipment service company, your business growth and sustainability depend on how well you manage your service requests and field staff. If you are struggling to grow in your market despite having a great team and demand for your services, eServicePro is what you need. The software has been designed to help you streamline and easily manage all your service requests and field staff with optimum efficiency. The program takes all the repetitive and mundane tasks off your hand and affords you the time to focus on actually growing your business. With the software, you can create a strong service ecosystem that helps you serve your customers better, ensure timely service, and manage your staff effectively. eServicePro lets you do all that and much more at an affordable cost.

As you get a service request from an industrial equipment company, use eServicePro to create the work order in a few seconds.

Use eServicePro to review your current service requests and field staff on site. Assign the job to a staff that’s nearby the client.

The field gets the alert on their eServicePro mobile app indicating the new job. They proceed to the location using the app’s GPS tracking system.

At the location, the technician evaluates the project and works on the same. If any replacement is needed, a request to deliver the same is sent to the supplier. The quote is given to the customer.

When the project is completed, an invoice is generated using eServicePro app on the phone. It is shared with the client and saved online.

At the end of the project, the customer provides a signature for the job done and the technician can collect the payment at the location itself.

In order to help you streamline your accounting process, eServicePro can be integrated with your company’s accounting system. This helps you track all payments, projects, and expenses to drive better operational efficiency.