Industrial Equipment

Industrial equipment manufacturing is one of the important vertebrae in the country’s economic backbone. The manufacturing of any industrial equipment is a process that is streamlined and has almost attained maturity over past few decades. Ordering any industrial equipment is not that difficult, but the procurement, installation and maintenance and repair are the real challenge.

There are different types of industrial equipment and each is further classified to suit the needs of different sectors of various industries. And due to these specifications, the procurement is very specific, and the installation and maintenance and repair are furthermore specialized. In short, there is a specialist for everything, for installation, for maintenance and for repair too. The level of expertise may vary but the area of specialization is a must. Because of the strict safety norms, you cannot take chances with replacing of substituting the specialist with a can handle the job person.

So far, you are the best at manufacturing, you have the required teams for installation, maintenance and repair. And most of the times all these or most of these teams are in the field with no clear visibility of their location and the current job ticket they may be addressing. Because of which the dispatch process and the installation process is a challenge, as you are not sure of who is where in the field. This is one of the most painful areas in the industry.

Even those companies that have a separate team dedicated for booking the order and dispatching the equipment for installation or dispatching the necessary spares for maintenance and repair face this problem to a large extent as it is not practically possible to keep track of all the personals in the field. Still it is a pain area.

eServicePro, the cloud-based SaaS, is software designed to address this pain area and transform the pain area into the strength of the company. This software has the necessary in-built information, pricing, make and model of the industrial equipment and the process flow form booking to payment in the system, along with GPS tracking of all personals in the field and on the job. In short, everything is addressed to make everyone’s life comfortable.

This will make the process very simple, the team books an order and registers a job ticket, this is sent to concerned person for packing and dispatching along with the destination location, using the GPS the expert tactician in the area is located and an appointment is setup for the job ticket, the industrial equipment is dispatched and intimated to the expert technician who has accepted the job ticket. The technician receives the equipment performs the task and raises the invoice based on the quotation, since all this is happening online using a smart phone this invoice is also counter signed by the customer and then the bill is paid.

The entire process transaction is through eServicePro, there is no room left for miscommunication or misunderstanding of the anything. This perfectly synchronized, streamlined and extremely user-friendly software that is designed to transform the pain area into the strength of the company.

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