Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning is now among the most important services company for BAU (Business As Usual). BAU is a technical term used to describe the state of normal activity continued at the premises be it residential or a business establishment. Then again there are statutory norms set for HVAC for any new construction. In short this is a very important service industry where several or a huge number of vendors want as many contracts as possible.

Although, there are a huge number of vendors applying for a contract, how many of them even survive the authenticity test of the company. To survive this test, the company must have done at least a few contracts and customers delight is an important criterion to have. This nobody can fake, and one of the most difficult criteria to satisfy. So why is it so difficult, what is making it so difficult? Firstly, the customers will have an un-realistic expectations and the company’s struggle to satisfy that. Then, it starts with the process of registering an installation order or maintenance and repair orders. The amount of paperwork required takes up so much time that it is annoying. The references, the mix and match for the best quote and the iterations of the paperwork for approvals and negotiations. This is a long annoying wait.

The question is how many are comfortable to wait for the best quote and possibly the best vendor in terms of quality of product and work. The vendors are invited for the job at the last minute and are expected to complete the job in a very impractical time frame. The time frame considered is exclusive of the time to process and complete the necessary paperwork and finalize.

So, the need of the hour is a mechanism in place which can create the paperwork in a jiffy and with minimum or no human error at all.

eServicePro the Cloud-based SaaS is the answer. This software is designed for a task like this. eServicePro has all the HVAC items, the spares and everything configured in the system. Using this feature all that needs to be done is select-Drag-Drop to create a fresh installation order or simply select the previous order placed and modify as required to create a service order for a repeat customer who will call for maintenance or repair. With eServicePro it takes only few seconds to complete the entire paperwork and raise the quotation.

This done, using the GPS another feature you could easily track the specialist technician live and assign the job ticket. Just in a few seconds. And when the service is complete, the customer signature will authenticate the acceptance and approval of the service. This is easily billable.

As stated earlier, those companies who have a well-defined streamlined process have a better chance of scoring a contract or as many contracts is true and made possible with eServicePro.

One of the most important, sensitive tasks to achieve ‘customer satisfaction’ is easily achieved. There will be no fluctuation in pricing, the service history of repeat customers is readily available, the record of the location of service is already in the GPS and there is a good rapport with the customer over time. With all this in single software, customer satisfaction is an achievable and very much possible.

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