The very title of the business speaks about the service rendered by this service company. Handyman is a service company that has expert technicians for all odd jobs usually around the house, but not limited to being around the house. In short they are experts for any to all odd jobs, anywhere.

It is really refreshing to know that there are such experts available for all odd jobs. But, then a quick peep behind the curtain for a quick view of the condition back stage, it is really a tough situation. The amount of paperwork that has to be processed maintained and knows where it is field and kept for quick reference is a living nightmare.

This type of a working setup requires a lot of work force and experience to handle the humongous paperwork. For convenience, based on the stage of service rendered the entire work force is segregated in to respective departments. Fantastic organization, but the question is, what is your earnings and how much is spent on maintaining the smooth flow of operations.

Secondly, because of the amount of paperwork, generally the expert technician receives a job request, completes the job, the customer completes the payment formalities and then as a back-office effort the paperwork is completed. When it process should have started with paperwork, it is now a back-office formality. How much is actually shown and how much is missed due to leakage. This sounds like an efficient practice for the customer’s point of view.

Maybe, all that is due to the company is promptly paid to the company and there is no foul play at all. But then, by following this practice, the customers will know the technicians and not the company. Because, the technician is the face of the company and the single point of contact to the customer for all job requests and payments. In an effort to have a pool of satisfied customers the company is at lose of its reputation. Only the reputation of the expert technicians is keeping the continuous flow of business to the company. Why? All because of the amount of paperwork that is involved to complete a simple odd job request.

If all this were to be automated and streamlined using single software, then every time there is a job request the customer would use the software to register the job request and the rest of the formalities would follow on the same software, including the payment.

eServicePro, cloud-based SaaS is software designed to eliminate all the paperwork and to transform the entire process starting form job request to payment an efficient and transparent process. This would give a clear picture of how many bookings were made, who or the expert technician that attended to the job request, how long did it take to close the job request and the amount of fees received for the job request. This will give a complete picture of the entire work flow in a single page.

eServicePro also has a feature with GPS; this enables you to track the exact location of the expert technician live. This feature will make it very convenient to know the exact location of the expert technician and you will be able to assign a job ticket instantly. When this expert technician accepts the job, there is an inbuilt clock that records the time take to complete the job starting from the accepting the job to the customer signing the online bill that marks the completion of the job.

A clear and transparent process to know exactly what happened and when. This also helps in raising a quote or invoice, the system also has an inbuilt memory which can be recalled for a repeat customer or a similar job request. Then drag and drop the necessary details to complete the quote or invoice.

The feature for payment is also linked to payment gateway, this makes it extremely convenient for customers and the company alike to pay and receive the payment online with a push of a button.

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