Residential or commercial place, the interiors and the furniture of the place is the owner personified. Which means, the owner will have detailed specifications of what he wants, how he wants, where and when he wants it delivered and installed.

Evidently, if the specifications are so detailed and precise the owner will shop around and consider all the available options to choose from. Although the specifications are specific, the owner will be ready to compromise to some extent only to have it delivered and installed in time. That is not fair, you have everything to satisfy all the details of the specification but still you lose the order because someone in the competition has better delivery and installation system in place.

Although you have an entire range of designer yet functional furniture to choose from, skilled technicians to deliver and install the furniture, but, still there is something missing that gives the competition an edge over your business. You have a well-defined process in place and everything seems to be working smoothly. The question is it streamlined, is everything monitored and checked. How long does it take to complete a job and get paid for the furniture, the delivery and the installation? Long enough to lose customers and potential repeat customers, only because of the time taken to deliver and install.

What if there is a process, using which you can actually monitor everything starting from booking an order to delivery to installation. You will have absolutely full control of the entire process.

eServicePro a cloud-based SaaS, the software designed for businesses like this where monitoring is an essential integral part of the business process. The features are designed to cover all the dark and painful areas of the business.

eServicePro has an in-built GPS system, with this you can easily track all the technicians in the field and know their exact location; the tracking is live and real-time. Knowing the location of the technician will allow you to easily assign a job ticket for installation easily while you send the order to the location using your delivery team. This enhances the efficiency of the operation and saves a lot of time.

The in-built memory system allows you to recall a job ticket of a previous job for a repeat order. This recalled job ticket will already have all the necessary details and all you will have to do is fill in the blanks to complete the ticket to book the order. Similarly, if there is an order for an similar installation but from a different customer, you can still recall a job ticket of a previous job and fill in the necessary details to create a job ticket and book the order.

Assigning this job ticket is also made very easy, all you will have to do is locate the technician in the field and drag and drop the ticket. Once the technician accepts the ticket, the in-built clock starts to record the time until the installation is complete and the customer signs the digital invoice, this marks the completion of the job.

With eServicePro, you have all the necessary features to easily book an order, locate a technician, assign the job ticket and have customer acceptance as a signature on the digital invoice with recorder time duration to complete a job.

Also you can easily recall a particular job ticket with all the details from start to finish with recorded time duration it took to complete the job for your internal audit to further improve and streamline the business process to enhance productivity.

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