Now electricity is as essential as water for life. Our entire life revolves around electrical appliances be it in office or home. Hence, for designing, installation and maintenance an electrical contractor is hired. And before hiring there is a lot of screening and finalizing involved to make a list of potential contractors who fit the profile with experience and reputation.

Experience comes from doing and reputation always doing the same job more efficiently to build a pool of satisfied customers over time, who will also be repeat customers and influencers to other potential customers.

Since this job is a critical job to keep day to day life normal and the wheel moving, there are so many players in the field who are struggling for a piece of the pie. But, only those with an efficient process in place starting from job request to payment for the job will be guaranteed a piece of the pie. The question is you one among them? Do you get your piece of the pie regularly? Is the piece of the guaranteed for you?

If you are among the many who are in the race to guarantee that piece of pie for your-self, then here and now is the right place.

The most painful area of this industry is presenting the customer with a reasonable quotation which is a win-win for both, the customer and the company. In general, there is always lack of information on the available stock, the cost of each part or spare of the installation, estimated time to complete the installation and the size of the team required to complete the installation. Due to lack of all this information and more unknown areas more often a potential lead is lost instead of being a customer and potential repeat customer.

eServicePro, a cloud-based SaaS is designed to address these issues and pain areas. Only to empower you to be among those few who have a guaranteed piece of the pie regularly and every time. The features of this are designed to make the entire process a free flow and user-friendly so that only by drag and drop along with the customer’s signature for acceptance is complete very fast without any annoying waiting time.

This includes, registering a job request then for raising a quotation list of details of all parts or spares required for an installation are in the system along with their price making it completely easy and convenient to drag and drop or most of the time just select, and you quotation is ready.

Since all this important information is already in the system, there will be no fluctuation in the quote. The quote will be the best competitive, realistic quote ever done in the entire industry and in recorded time. There is not waste of time going through the bundle of papers to select the best price and then giving a quotation, it is only drag and drop or even so just select.

Since, drag and drop or jus select is the foundational method of work, the time take is reduced, and it may take a few seconds to a minute at the most to raise a quotation at best.

When you have all the important information, the better the knowledge to raise a quotation, followed by assigning the job ticket to the right person with the suitable skill set will ensure the quality of work. And with everything available at fingertips raising a bill and having customer acceptance is also fast, as this can be done on the job site by the technician at the site. Again, time take is reduced to only a few seconds or a minute at the most. Everything is happening so fast, efficiently, on time and at a very competitive price. This must be a magical SaaS.

Although, there is nothing magical about it, but well thought and designed efficiently SaaS to ensure and guarantee you a piece of the pie ever time and all the time.

For more details about the features of this Field Management Software, visit the ‘Features’ page. And for a free trail the ‘Free Trail’ page and then the ‘Pricing’ page to know the details of how to get one for you to ensure and guarantee the piece of the pie.

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